Can I Get a Dog If I Work Full-Time Or 9 to 5

Having a dog in the house brings joy and fun. but, at the price of this joy, you have to pay them time, care, and attention. but, can you get a dog if you work full-time? I am diverting this topic a bit from having a dog to a real baby. Let’s say you hear good news that you are pregnant, will you think, can I get a baby if I work 9 to 5 or full time? Obviously not! You’ll start thinking how can I manage?

The same case is here, you can get a dog even if you work 6-9 hours a day. The only thing you have to do is to manage. If you really wanted to have a dog. If you really want it, you’ll manage, just like every other pet owner does.

In this article, we’ll look at, how to manage it, if you haven’t gotten a dog yet we’ll help you with the best breeds that can stay alone. and, trying to answer each question that pet owners have in this scenario.

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

Bringing a dog means bringing responsibilities. It includes taking care of their food, water, exercising, grooming, peeing/pooping, training, and giving lots of love to them.

How long can you leave a dog alone depends on your dog’s breed and age. In general, adult dogs can be left alone for 5 to 6 hours. whereas, small puppies can be left for 1-2 hours as pups need more care.

Some people who work full time manage it in this way, firstly, they get a lazy breed who sleeps more. Also, they take care of everything like exercising, and giving them food and water just before they leave for work. and come back during their lunch time to check their dogs. refill their food bowls and see if they want to poop or not.

Can I Get a Dog If I Work Full Time?

Yes! you can get a dog if you work full time by managing all their things before leaving. Some offices allow you to take your dogs there, see if it is possible that’s great. but, if not, try checking if you can visit home during the break. if it’s not even possible either, then you need to manage your alternatives.

I have no idea whoever reading this article is single, married has kids, or has a good neighbor. but, If you are married and both have different working hours, you might manage to visit home and take care of your pup. if you have kids they can help them as well by giving your dog food and other basic stuff.

But, If you live alone then you need to be in touch with the neighbors or have pet sitters in your contact list. So, if you have a busy day at work you can call your neighbors or //pet takers// to check on your pup.

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How to Manage a Dog When you Work Full time?

How to manage a dog when work full time
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As said earlier, you can have a dog if you work 9 to 5 or full-time. The only thing you need to do is to manage. Here are a few tips for keeping a dog when you mostly stay busy.

1. Choose Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

If you already have a dog, then this tip won’t work for you, but if you considering having a dog. Always go for breeds that don’t require much exercise and are couch potatoes. These breeds like to spend most of their time sleeping and resting. We have shortlisted breeds that have these features at the end of this article.

Most people make the mistake and getting a high-maintenance dog breed like a border collie, Doberman, or greyhound. These dogs are high in energy, want lots of exercise, and are more prone to separation anxiety.

Whereas, bread like Basset hounds, St Bernard, or French bulldogs are more calm and lazy bread. They do like sleeping/snoring and require little maintenance.

2. Exercise Before Leaving For Work

The second tip will be to make them tired before you leave for work. Either indoor workout or go outside but utilize their maximum energy there. It’ll be best for creating a dog routine, the best time for exercise. Doing this will help you make your dog tired and they will be sleeping and not make a mess in the house.

Just after exercise, give them a full bowl of food, and water and potty them. This way you have done everything that your dogs require before leaving for work.

3. Make Sure They Dont Get a Board

Make sure your dogs will not get bored when nobody’s at home. There could be many fun ways to do it. Either turn the TV on at a low volume, sprinkle all their toys, so they can play, and keep entering them.

Another fun way to make sure your dog is not getting bored and hungry is by sprinkling food method. You can sprinkle their treats all over the room, they’ll keep finding them and eating them. Also, leave the blinds and curtains open so they can see what’s going on outside rather than getting bored at home.

4. Install Pet Camera

Having a pet cam gives access to watch your dog when you are not at home. It’s the ultimate satisfaction for you to keep an eye on them. Most pet cameras have speak features so you can play with your dog even not at home.

Some pet cam even have a treat feature so if they listen to your command, you can give them a treat through the camera. They are no doubt a great investment even if you have security cameras at home.

5. Get Another Dog

Getting another dog so they can spend time playing with each other and not feeling alone. this will work if your dog doesn’t get entertained by any food or treats. Yes! It’s an expensive solution, but will work when nothing working.

Also, it doesn’t mean if they are getting entertained by each other, they don’t need anything. Both of them need proper care, feeding, and training.

6. Dont Rely On Yourself

if you are getting a dog and you stay busy, don’t rely on yourself. you need an emergency number to call if you think you’ll be late today. it could be your neighbors, pet sitters,s or anyone your dog trusts. Otherwise, unnecessary visits to the house make dogs more anxious as dogs are naturally great guards.

Can Dogs Tell How Long You Are Gone?

Dogs do not use clocks like us, but they are pretty good at following a schedule. They know what is your routine. and, uses cues to get to understand time. When your spouse making breakfast and you are rushing for the office. Your dog will connect these cues to understand you are leaving for the office.

Other than cues, dogs do really have a good sense and are great at remembering sounds. your dogs know what your car’s sound is. So, if your car stops even if you come home a bit early today, your dog will sense it better than humans.

But, does your dog really tell if you are leaving them for 4 to 8 hours?

In 2011, researchers used hidden cameras to see how dogs react to their owners being away for different times—30 minutes, two hours, and four hours. Dogs got more excited when left alone for two hours compared to just half an hour, showing they can tell the difference in these short periods. All we can say from the studies we have is that dogs can tell the difference between short and long periods of separation.

5 Best Dog Breeds Who Work Full-Time

If you’re a busy person and want to keep a dog, then you must see a breed that is easy to maintain has low exercise needs and can be easily trained. Let’s see the top 10 dog breeds for buys owners.

1. Basset Hounds

Just google “Best dog breeds for buys people” and you’ll definitely see this breed in every list. These dogs have unique small-shaped dogs and have a lovely nature. Outside they might be hunters but inside the home, they are couch potatoes. and, tend to spend most of the time sleeping, just need half exercise or walk, so they won’t get obese due to their lazy nature.

2. Brussels Griffon

These dogs are small, cute, and low-maintenance exercise breeds that’ll be best suited for busy people. They are energetic but require minimal exercise and training. When it comes to looks, they have smooth or rough coats and big human-like eyes.

3. Whippets

They might remind you of Greyhounds, but they’re a totally different breed. Taking care of Whippets is easy. They have short, smooth fur that you only need to brush once a week. These dogs need about an hour of exercise every day to stay healthy. It’s also good to give them toys to keep their minds busy. If you can meet their needs, Whippets can live happily in various places, like apartments.

4. Bull Mastiff

Not all big dogs need a lot of care, that bull mastiff proof. Most of the time they prefer relaxing and sleeping and require little exercise to stay healthy. Their short fur just needs a little brushing each week to keep it nice. These dogs don’t need much grooming or exercise, but they drool quite a bit. If you’re okay with cleaning up some drool, especially after they drink, you’ll have a friendly, calm, and loving dog.

5. French Bulldog

Here’s another dog with the same nature, which requires minimal exercise and not much grooming, and isn’t known for separation anxiety. They can spend their time alone and like to spend time with you when you back home.

For more breeds:


Q.1 What Do Your Dogs Do When You Leave Alone

The answer depends on breed by breed or dog’s age. If you leave a puppy alone, they’ll be spending time crying and feeling left alone. or depends on the breed, if you have a hyperactive dog, leaving them in a house might create a big mess. To know specifically about your dog simply, place a camera and see what your dog does when alone.

A study was conducted in Sweden and recorded various dogs to see what they do when left alone. The study revealed that dogs tended to sleep or resting rather playing with their toys or watching TV

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